Sales Management

Sales Reporting and Analytics

Understanding your sales team and pipeline is only a click away with our solutions. Instead of writing complex queries and spending days creating inflexible reports, use our intuitive drag and drop interface to manipulate your data on the fly. Find inefficiencies and abnormalities, optimize your workforce and even create "what-if" models to analyze commissions for the next sales period.

Use our solutions to:

  • Analyze sales by territory, product and date – all at the same time.
  • Deliver custom sales dashboards to managers, staff and field salespeople in a secure web browser.
  • Build sales planning applications and forecasting tools.



"What-if" Analysis

Avoid shortfalls by using "what if" analysis

A big part of managing sales is planning. How do you know whether you will meet your revenue goal? How much should you plan for compensation this quarter? How well are you rewarding top performers? What will happen if you change the sales plan? Using visualization and what-if analysis you can quickly walk through possible outcomes and manage your risk.

This sales dashboard lets you model changes in compensation, quota and commission. Here you are modeling a new plan with a base salary of $40,000, a quota of $600,000 and a commission rate of 10.6%. You can see that 6 of 41 salespeople are projected to hit quota and your cost of sales is estimated to be 21.6%. For comparison, the actual numbers from last year are also presented in the lower right corner.


Quota Dashboard

Stop waiting weeks for data

Any software application can create a quota report. But how many allow a manager to create their own sales report, today? Our solutions enable rapid creation of beautiful and accurate sales reports by any business user with no programming required.

We connects live to your sales data so you can update your reports to accommodate the latest orders as well as territory changes, personnel changes or business rules – how are we going to report on that new incentive bonus?

See performance details by team or by salesperson with a quota dashboard. Here it is obvious that the Central region is underperforming. Drill down to the salespeople in that region, and you find that while many salespeople have already hit quota (the green bars), several more are far behind in the red region (gray bars).

In this visualization each bar is a bullet chart: the shading in the background indicates the percentage attainment of quota. Less than 50% quota attainment is red. The green zone shows 100-125% quota. If any salesperson attains quota, the bar for that salesperson automatically turns green. You can switch from quota attainment as a percentage or a dollar value with just a click.



Analyze your sales pipeline & performance

Understanding corporate sales performance is key to determining what adjustments you need to make to your business today. Typical comparative analysis, such as year over year growth, is easy to do as a single calculation. But you also need to look at your performance historically, cumulatively and for every slice of your business. Our Solutions let you assess sales performance from all these angles at once.

Here we’re looking at sales trends by region and product. The daily sales trend for each region is shown in the top view, and the orange line below shows a running total of all sales. Filter to the region and products that you are responsible for and save that view. It automatically updates when it’s connected live to data, so when you log in tomorrow you’ll see your updated sales data right in your saved view.



Compare sales data across time, groups or individuals

Compare the current quarter’s weekly sales with previous weeks and quarters. This gives a perspective on the current situation using concrete numbers. The filters can be adjusted to see the impact of any line of business or region (call center) on the overall state of the business.

Weekly numbers show actual sales and orders, quarter to date sales and orders, and quarter over quarter growth.