High Tech

High Tech

Whether you work for a Fortune 500 high-tech powerhouse, venture-backed startup or IT service provider, turn big data into big opportunities with our solutions. Empower every department -- from engineering, IT & product management to sales, marketing, HR and finance -- to create strategic, holistic views via self-service web & mobile dashboards. Blend data from disparate sources to:

  • Evaluate new product opportunities and prioritize product features
  • Understand product trends: trials, subscriptions, usage & supply chain
  • Create revenue and quota dashboards for direct, channel & OEM sales
  • Embed reports within your applications to deliver customer-facing analytics


Supply Chain Analysis

Analyze hardware component costs

IHS iSuppi analysts describe a memorable experience with the late Steve Jobs. iSuppli does what it calls a teardown study, to take the Apple new model apart and estimate how much each component costs. On the day that iSuppli published its teardown study, Steve Jobs called the iSuppli analyst to question several of the estimates. Imagine answering your phone and hearing “Hello, it’s Steve Jobs”.

You don’t have to be Steve Jobs to understand the value of analyzing costs – every cent means lost margin. In this example, see how the retina display impacts margins for the Apple iPad and compare the net profit for the iPad & iPad Mini.

Product Release Planning

Plan product releases and manage bugs

With lean development models and sprints, product teams need more than ever to spend time wisely, communicate status with stakeholders, and pinpoint problems as early in the development cycle as possible.

Prioritize feature development, track bug fixes, and coordinate globally dispersed teams. Save time with interactive, always up-to-date product management dashboards.