By Industry



Relevant insight with visual analytics.

Every industry has its own way to express metrics and KPIs. Our solutions let you visually analyze your data in a way that makes sense for you. What’s the impact? Instead of one-dimensional, static reports, you now have interactive, real-time answers about your business. These examples show how our solutions are used in a number of industries. Its intuitive, drag-and-drop interface means it can be used by any organization.

Banking Analytics

Unique insight to distinguish offerings, improve customer service.

Healthcare Analytics

Improve patient care and operations with faster data insight.

High Tech

Turn big data into big opportunities.

CPG Analysis

Flexible, fast data insight keeps market penetration high.

Game Development

Rapid, high volume data analysis for nimble decision making.

Insurance Analytics

Visual analysis yields improved sales, better forecasting, fraud detection.

Government Reporting

Make data easy to analyze. Publish to inform the public.

Manufacturing Analytics

Optimize processes with tailored dashboards and meaningful metrics.

Real Estate Analysis

Add interactive analysis to offer more value to buyers, sellers.

Retail Analytics

Find new segments and optimize offerings fast.

Securities and Investment Analysis

Analyze vast quantities of data then easily share with clients, executives.

Oil and Gas Analytics

Combine geographic and output data for fast analysis and new ideas.

Communications Analysis

Monitor networks, identify new opportunities all with drag-and-drop ease.

Education Analytics

Transform the opportunities you provide with insightful data.