By Function


Equip your experts with self-service BI.

Your organization is teeming with experts – sales superstars, marketing geniuses, supply chain gurus – just to name a few. They know the questions they need to answer to make business thrive. We equip anyone in an organization to do their own data discovery, ad-hoc analysis, and dashboard creation. Instead of relying on a small group of BI specialists, your experts are now self-sufficient and get better answers fast.


Marketing Analytics

Understand trends, design new campaigns with do-it-yourself analytics.

Sales Reporting and Analytics

Create pipeline views and quota dashboards that are easily shared.

Supply Chain Analysis

Combine maps, visual analytics for dynamic insight to improve logistics.

Website Analytics

Explore unlimited web data for patterns and trends.

Human Resources Analytics

Leverage your data to improve retention, recruit effectively, maximize productivity.

Institutional Research

Increase donations, improve achievements with fast insight to all your data.