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Flat files, databases, warehouses, or cubes. Our solutions are data analysis applications that allow you to work with your data no matter where it lives.

The reality of business today is that no organization has data in a single place. Heterogeneous environments are the rule; exceptions to it are hard to find. You need the ability to analyze data wherever it lives to get the answers you need. Make sure your business intelligence solution can handle your data, everywhere.



Native data connectors for smart, fast connections


Where does your data live? Chances are it has many homes. When you can access multiple data sources in one place, you can use one tool for all of your data analysis.

We native connectors to many common databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Greenplum and more. These native connectors:

   * Are optimized to increase performance
   * Leverage the particular capabilities of each data source
   * Honor and enforce security protocols

If a native connector is not available, you can still use the ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) protocol to access your data.










Live Connect or In-memory


It’s your choice: Connect live or bring data in-memory

Sometimes you want to connect live to your speedy database and get up-to-the-second changes . Sometimes you want to bring data in-memory to work faster, go offline, or take query load off critical systems. You should have the choice to work with your data the way you need to.

If your database is already under heavy load, you can take the burden of analysis off of it with our solutions. Our fast Data Engine lets you bring your data in-memory, meaning you can get the data you need and answer your questions without overloading your database.



Combine Data Sources

Combine data sources easily for comprehensive analysis

Product data in a warehouse? Finance data in a database? No problem. Connect to both and blend the data. Now you can start to relate product characteristics and costs to sales by segment and location. Combine maps, trend lines and scatter plots in a dashboard to get the full picture.

We make it easy to add new data sets –from another Excel workbook, a database, or flat files– and automatically blends them using common fields. Check out this short video that demonstrates the speed and ease with which you can blend data from different sources.