Business Intelligence


Nimble BI is finally here


Our BI suite is a business intelligence application that provides browser-based analytics anyone can learn and use. It’s a rapid-fire alternative to the slow pace and rigidity of traditional business intelligence software.

You have a job to do, but your current tools are cumbersome and slow. Our solution is a new kind of business intelligence, one that moves 100 times faster and is fun to use. Grow your deployment as you need it. Get results in minutes, not weeks.



Interactive dashboards on the web and in Sharepoint


Combine all the data you need into a powerful dashboard. Publish it on the web so you can filter, highlight and drill down right in a browser. Embed it in your team’s workspace or Sharepoint site, or send a link via email. Update it in real time. And do it in minutes or hours, not months.

With our solutions you can move from tables to interactive visualizations to dashboards in a few clicks. And you can give colleagues, customers and partners the tools they need to answer their own questions simply by logging into a secure website. When you can move this fast you feel like you can fly.






Blazing speed against massive data


Our solutions will fundamentally change what you can achieve with data.

We have turned your laptop into the equivalent of a multi-million dollar database. Bring your data into our high performance data engine and work with it at blazing speed. And do it with a click—there’s no programming required. We turns millions of rows of data into answers at the speed of thought. Architecture-aware memory usage means more data on less hardware.

Or don’t. You can also connect our BI suite directly to your fast database or cube and analyze live data. It’s your choice. You can even switch between the two as needed. You never have to worry about data silos or broken scripts.




disparate data with a click


Why should you need to draw lines and model data from different sources to look at relationships between it?

With our solutions you don’t. You simply begin dragging and dropping to add a new data source and analyze relationships across the data. Drag a spreadsheet of promotion dates onto your sales database to see how your offers influenced revenue. It’s not a six-month integration project, it’s drag and drop.





Invite the facts to your meetings


You and your colleagues are discussing new trends in your business. But your reports don’t answer your questions, and you leave your meeting with more questions than you went in with. So you go create more reports, then call another meeting. Which generates more questions and more reports.

Why not interact with data live during your meeting? With our solutions you can filter, sort, and discuss data on the fly. Ask and answer questions in the moment, face to face with your colleagues. That’s real collaboration.




Get out of the queue


Self-service business intelligence is the most effective kind. Business users can create the reports they need to get answers themselves, today. They can change those reports as new priorities and considerations surface. Business users can get back to business and IT can get back to strategic IT.

Why user-driven? As hard as they try, the IT team can’t think of every report variation that business users might want. Business users change their minds, new needs come up, and information changes. When IT does develop a report and submits it to users, it is typical that the report goes through multiple revisions to get it “just right.” This is a cumbersome process fraught with delays. We get business users out of the IT queue and gets them answers.